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History of the Modern World

Background Information

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Google Power Words

When searching for history information on the Web, use the following power words: issue, debate, controversy, problem, solution, recommendation.

  • Use site:gov  or  site:org  for credible websites.  Evaluate the authority of the site.
  • Date feature:  current date, year, a particular time period (i.e. World War II).
  • For specific geographic area:  add state or  country i.e. Hawaii, Britain, France

Search Tips

Research is all around you.  And, don't rule out getting pre-information from videos, parents, teachers, online newspapers, television, YouTube, blogs and wikis.  

Asking questions and "being curious" is essential for effective research.  Remember, historians think in terms of the past and the implications of political, economical and social events on the present.

When researching for background info,  think and answer these key questions. This will help develop search terms to find appropriate library resources: books, periodicals, online databases, and Internet (Web) sources.

What is this person's real name? Watch the spelling of foreign names.

What time period?

What significant contributions has this person made?

What are the events, people or thinking which influence this person?

 What groups or cultures involved?


Citing with EasyBib

Create APA, Chicago, or MLA citations. NEW users click here for link and EDU coupon code.

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