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HMW9: U.S. Primary Sources

History of the Modern World


Ask the Librarians for help in finding primary sources!

Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis

Mega Sites

More Primary Sources

One of many book sources available at the Library.

Primary Sources Explained

 Some examples include:

  • Books, magazine and newspaper articles published at the time
  • Hand-written documents like diaries and journals
  • Maps
  • Laws & court cases
  • Speeches, interviews, letters
  • Memoirs and autobiographies
  • literary manuscripts
  • Records of government agencies
  • Records of organizations
  • Public opinion polls
  • Fiction from a particular time and place
  • Research data
  • Religious or philosophical texts
  • Artifacts of all kinds: physical objects, furniture, tools, clothing, etc.
  • Photographs, audio recordings, movies and videos
  • Art, including paintings, prints and other medi

Web Links to Primary Sources

Find words on web pages with the find feature: PC (Cntrl+F) Mac (Cmnd+F).