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English 9 Speeches: Outlines and Note Taking

Outline Template

Outline Template


I.  Roman numerals

    A.  Capital letters

          1.  Arabic numbers

               a. Lowercase letters

                     1)  Arabic numbers with semi-parenthesis

                           a)  Lowercase letters with semi-parenthesis

                                 (1)  Arabic numbers with parenthesis

                                        (a) Lowercase letter with parenthesis


Speech Tips

1. Know your audience.

2. Explain unfamiliar words.

3. Why is this important?

4. Show your own interest.

5. Show, don't tell -- prop, visual aid....

6. Be specific with details, but do not overwhelm.

Speech Organization:

Chronological order. Use chronological order to present main points in their order of occurrence. Present a sequence of events, steps in a procedure, or stages of a process in their logical order.

Spatial order. Use spatial order to describe structure, layout, or any directional pattern. Use a left-to-right, top-to-bottom, inside-to-outside or similar pattern of organization.

Causal order.  Use causal order to give reasons or show a cause and effect relationship. Organize speeches to show causes then effects, or effects then causes.

Problem-solution order.  Use problem-solution order to establish that a problem exists and to propose a solution. 

Topical order. Use topical order to present supporting evidence that does not have a clear timeline, spatial organization, or causal relationships.  Use topical order when your topic does not lend itself to another organizational strategy.

Outline Template Example

Outline Template*

I. Introduction

A. Hook        

B. Background

C. Thesis statement

II. Body

A. Topic (not complete sentences)

1. Statement

a. Example

b. Example


            2. Statement                              

a. Example

b. Example


B. Topic


C. Topic


III. Conclusion

A. Summary

B. Restatement of thesis (new wording)

C. Ending

*Please check with your English teacher.