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Lower School Library: L.S. Works Cited Samples

Work Cited samples

Works Cited

·       Center the heading Works Cited at top.

·       Titles can be Italic or Underlined. 

·       All lines should be double spaced.                                 

·       Alphabetize all entries by the first word. (except a, an, and the)

·       Begin with author’s last name.  If  “author” not available, start with "title".

·       Start entries at the left margin and indent additional lines.

·       Put one space after all punctuation marks.




A book by a single author


Author's last name, Author's first name. Title of the Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Copyright date.


Riley, Joelle. Bats. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 2005.


A book by two or three authors   Second and third author's name begins with the first name.


Young, Caroline and Colin King. Castles, Pyramids, and Palaces. London: Usborne, 1989.


A book by four or more authors   After the first author's name, add et al.


Aykroyd, Peter, et al. The Oxford Children's Book of Famous People. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994.




Author's last name, Author's first name. "Title of article." Name of encyclopedia. Date of edition.         


Boritt, Gabor. “Civil War.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 1999 ed.




Author's last name, Author's first name. "Title of article." Name of newspaper Date of publication: pages of article.


Kaneshiro, Jason. “Iolani Holds Off Kamehameha.” Honolulu Star-Advertiser 5 February 2012: C-6.




Author's last name, Author's first name. “Title of article.” Name of magazine Date of publication. pages of article.   


 Tapper, Christina.  “SportsKid of the Year."  Sports Illustrated for Kids December 2011. 22-27.




Author's last name. Author's first name.  “Title of article.” Name of newspaper or magazine Date of publication:


       pages of article.  EBSCOHost.


Kluger, Jeffrey.  “Sharkless Seas.” Time 27 January 2003: 52-54. EBSCOHost.


Web Sites


Author's last name, Author's first name. “Title of article.”  Web site  Access date.


Albert, Steve. "How to Grow Taro." 13 Feb. 2012.


Online Encyclopedias


Author's last name, Author's first name. "Title of article." Name of online encyclopedia Access date.


Commins, Stephen K. "Kenya." World Book Online. 13 Feb. 2012.




Title of video. Name of director. Names of performers (if necessary). Company, Copyright date.


Dinosaurs. Dir. Erren Gottlieb. Perf. Bill Nye. Disney Educational Productions, 1996.




Name. Type of interview. (Personal or telephone interview).  Date of interview.


Reser, Linda. Personal interview. 13 Feb. 2012.





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