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Upper School Library: Tips for Research

What do you know about your topic?


Background Information (5Ws)

What questions do you have and where can you find the evidence?

Does your question require a specific, right answer, or does it encourage a multitude of responses?

A good question should have many responses. For example:

  • "What else  ...?" 
  • "What do you think will happen next?"
  • "How does ..... affect.....?"

As you develop questions and search for information, your curiosity will lead you to more questions which can be frustrating but don't stop.  The goal is for you to come up with your own perspective on a topic by connecting evidence you found from a  variety of sources.

What sources would be helpful?

Do you need more background information?

User name & password are required from home. Click here to access.

What issues are related to your topic?

Check the online databases to get books, articles, and more

What should you consider when evaluating sources?

Evaluate your sources to be sure the person/organization providing the information is a RELIABLE source.