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Micro/Macroeonomics: Traffic Project

Overview of Honolulu Traffic

This August 2015 article from Honolulu magazine provides an overview of traffic in Honolulu

Carmageddon : How did Honolulu traffic get so bad? Will it ever get better?  from Honolulu Magazine August 2015


Select the most current Data Book Individual Tables.  Helpful tables include Population and Transportation.

Studies, Reports, and Plans

National and Hawaii Studies, Reports, and Plans

Researching for articles from Hawaii news sources

A few suggestions for search topics/words to find news articles

Issues: traffic congestion, gridlock, ...

Current system: rail (mass transit), freeways, highways, contra flow lanes, zipper lanes,  bus system, bike lanes, bicycles, carpools (ride sharing programs)...

Alternative Options:  driverless cars, tolls, ...