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New York Times: Start Here

Creating a digital subscription and searching the NYT archive: 1851 to present.

NYT Account

New York Times (Digital Edition Newspaper) 

Activate an annual account while connected to our school network with this link:

Create the account with your school email address (

Once you have activated your account

Log in with your school email at for 24/7 access on your computer or mobile device.

Download the NYTimes mobile app.

Create a shortcut link (bookmark) on a personal computer/mobile device to access your New York Times digital edition.

*Please see a librarian if you have a problem with the New York Times login or need help finding newspaper articles.

New York Times Archive

 #1. Login with your school username and password at to view, print, email, share articles.*

#2. Then open this Link:  Search the Article Archive: 1851-Present

Search Tips:

  • Limit by date range

  • Sort by: Newest / Oldest / Relevance



*Users of Passes:

— 1923–1980: Pass users have unlimited access to the New York Times archived articles outside the 1923–1980 date range. Each day of their pass, users may access up to five free articles published between the years 1923 through 1980.
— Pre-1923 and post-1980: Articles published before January 1, 1923 or after December 31, 1980 are free with your Pass and are not limited in any way

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