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HMW9: Art & Revolution

History of the Modern World


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Finding Images

Understanding Layers

Each Layer Consists of 4 Possible Elements to Seek Out and Identify in the Work

The story, the back or pre story, the other or hidden story, the message

The appeal (what pulls you in?), the reward or take away, the skill/mastery of the artist on display, the new/different/unusual

Technique, Form/structure, Methods, Symbolism

Surprise, Tension, Emotion and Movement

To other works (in and out of the medium/genre), to history, to oneself, to
the artist’s other works or personal life.


 A successful analysis will refer to specific historical events, ideas, or people, and show how they influenced the art. 

What constitutes art?  Architecture, paintings, sculptures, flag, editorial cartoons...

What constitutes music?  Opera, anthems, scores...

What constitutes literature?  Newspaper editorials, books, plays, speeches, quotes, poems, short stories, theater, fiction...

  • Watch your dates
  • Make connections to what was happening to the period
  • Accuracy of the information
  • How did this piece affect you
  • Your intepretation based on facts
  • Background information on the creator, e.g. artist, writer
  • What were the events, people or thinking which influence the time period, creator?

Art Web Sites


Eugène DELACROIX (Charenton-Saint-Maurice, 1798 – Paris, 1863) July 28: Liberty Leading the People Salon of 1831 Louvre Museum Paris, France. Web. 10 Oct. 2010.


Jacques-Louis David. "The Death of Marat." 1793. Online image. Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Web. 30 Oct. 2013. Definition of realism:


World History


World History: Modern

World History: The Modern Era

Daily Life Through History

Citing Sources

Citing images


Author's name if available (last name first).  "Description or title of image." Date of image. Online image. Site name (in italics). Institution and city where the original image/artwork is held, if known. Web. Date accessed.

Note: You may add the specific type of online image (i.e., map, cartoon, chart or graphic).