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HMW9: Citing & Documentation

History of the Modern World

Citing with EasyBib

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Writing Your Annotation

The Annotation: the purpose is to inform the reader of the usefulness, accuracy, quality of the source, and significance to the project

  • Why is the author or organization an expert or authority?
  • Tertiary, secondary, or primary? [Used only for history papers]
  • Why is this important (usefulness) to your project?
  • Summary of the source which includes facts.


"Japan and the War in Asia (Overview)." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2015. Web.

7 Apr. 2015.

ABC-CLIO is an award-winning publisher of reference, contemporary thought, and professional development content, created to help students, educators, librarians, and general readers of all ages. This article, a tertiary source, provides an overview of the Japanese invasion of the Pacific and China. Useful facts includes the how the war began for the United States on Dec. 7, 1941, and its ending on Sept. 2nd.

Tertiary, Secondary, or Primary?*

Tertiary sources provide an overview or summary of a topic, and may contain both primary and secondary sources. The information is displayed as entirely factual, and does not include analysis or critique.

  • Encyclopedias, almanacs, bibliographies...

Secondary sources interpret or critique primary sources. They often include an analysis of the event that was discussed or featured in the primary source. They are second-hand accounts that interpret or draw conclusions from one or more primary sources.

  • Essays or reviews, articles that analyze or discuss events or ideas, criticisms or commentaries

Primary sources are first-hand, authoritative accounts of an event, topic, or historical time period.

*Check with your teacher.


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Why is your source reliable?

These are a few questions to check if your source is from a person/organization that is RELIABLE.