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Biology Lab Report: Start Here to Find Magazine and Journal Articles

Using the Library's digital resources off campus? Here's the link for usernames & passwords.

1. Copy one of these recommended publications with the word "and" to paste into MasterFile Complete
  • JN "American Scientist" and
  • JN "Christian Science Monitor" and
  • JN "Discover" and
  • JN "Health" and
  • JN "Nature" and
  • JN "National Geographic" and
  • JN "Popular Science" and
  • JN "Science News" and
  • JN " Scientific American" and
  • JN "Time" and
2. Open the MasterFile Complete database
3. Paste your copied publication [JN "Time" and]  add your search word(s)
4. Click on search
5. Use the database citation tool to copy and paste the APA citation into your document or NoodleTools










Citation Tool located on the right side of screen