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NoodleTools: Creating Your Account and Beyond: How To...

How to use Noodle Tools

Create Your Account

NoodleTools sign in page

  • Under Sign In / Register, Select Google
  • Sign in with Google
    • If prompted, enter your 'Iolani email and/or at the OneLogin prompt, enter your username and password as needed.

Follow the instructions to create your NoodleTools account

  • Under Create account, Select "I am a student or library patron" 
  • Enter your year of graduation
  • Save profile


Open NoodleTools on an Ipad or from a Computer/Laptop

On an iPad:

Select the Upper School Library Webclip


Scroll down to Resources, select NoodleTools


If prompted, sign in to NoodleTools with Google

From a Computer or Laptop

Sign in to your 'Iolani OneLogin account

  • NoodleTools can be opened as a Google App



  1. At the top right corner, open the "waffle"
  2. Scroll down
  3. Select NoodleTools















  1. Select +New project

  1. Enter Project Information
  • Project title
  • Select Citation Style
  • Select Citation Level



  • Open the project
  • Select New Source

NoodleTools will require you to select from options for the source for the following:

  1. Where is it?
  2. What is it?


  • Citing a database? Can you copy or export the citation to NoodleTools?
  • Open the project
  • Select the share icon
  • Select Print /Export to Google Docs

Select the TAG option for each source

                            Select either Primary, Secondary or Tertiary

  • Change the "Sort" option from Alphabetic to Primary, secondary to sort the citations by the source tag selected (P, S, or T)

  • Select the share icon
  • Select Print/Export to Google Docs

NoodlesTools Citation Help

If you have a question, please email