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Citing APA Style: Citing APA Style

Used by Science classes, based on the American Psychological Association

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APA Style Help

APA Publication Manual

Helpful Hints

Center the heading Reference List at the top of the page.

Begin entry at the left margin, Indent one-half inch each additional lines of entry.

Only the author’s last name and initials are used.

After the 2nd author’s name and initials, use et al. to indicate the remaining authors in the article.*

Alphabetize the list by the first word of the entry (usually the author's last name)..

Use n.d. (no date) if the material is undated.

Double-space the entire list, both between and within the entries.

Writing Your Annotation

The Annotation: the purpose is to inform the reader of the usefulness, accuracy, quality of the source, and significance to the project

  • Why is the author or organization an expert or authority?
  • Why is this important (usefulness) to your project?
  • Summary of the source which includes facts.


National Human Genome Research Institute. (2014, May 14). Learning

About Wilson Disease. Retrieved January 13, 2017,



The government-funded NHGRI conducts genetic and genomic research, and promotes research to advance genomics in health care. This site is useful for background information on Wilson Disease. Includes information on the description, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, inheritance, research, and resource links.