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Genetic Ethics in Hawaiʻi: Overview

Exploring the intersection of biotechnological advancement and our unique island culture.

The resources on this page serve as overview materials to begin examining bioethics in genetics from various philosophical, biomedical, legal and moral perspectives. It is important to note that the majority of bioethics scholarship has developed alongside advances in medicine. This resource does not intend to be a comprehensive guide to biomedical ethics. Rather, it synthesizes topics specific to genetics, genomics and synthetic biology pertaining to all living things, both human and non-human.

Open Access References on General Bioethics and Genome Editing

These open access resources offer general knowledge, context and background to some of today's most pressing issues in bioethics. As the consequences of genetic engineering can propagate throughout large segments of humanity, these resources reflect local, national and global frameworks for ethical innovation.

An abridged guide to the full review can be found here. In addition, there are in-depth reports on Gene editing and human reproduction (short guide here) and Genome editing and farmed animals.



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This core curriculum consists of Section 1 (core contents with objectives, syllabus and teacher manual for each unit of the curriculum) and Section 2 (the proposed study materials for each unit of the curriculum).



Indigenous Perspectives on Genetic Ethics

Despite differences in origin and methodology, Indigenous and Western perspectives on genealogy, heritage, identity and kinship often overlap in today's world. However, the age of gene-editing presents unique threats to Indigenous lifeways that warrant much more attention than they presently receive. Here is a growing catalog of subscription-free Indigenous perspectives to jumpstart exploration into this diverse, complex and historically-fraught space.

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See in particular Cases of How Tribes are Relating to Genetics Research, a compilation of useful case studies by Dr. Náníbaa' Garrison.

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Online Resources for Ethics in Genetics

These are several online portals to academic, legal and educational resources for exploring ethics in genetics and genomics.

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Online Blogs

Stay up-to-date on the latest in genome science and ethics by subscribing to these expert blogs.