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Citing Chicago Style: Chicago Style Paper

Used by History classes in Grades 9-12.

Paper Format

The following are requirements for any formal writing assignment that requires research or use of materials beyond the textbook in history courses taught to students in grades 9-12.

Paper Format

  1. A cover page.
  2. Body of paper.
  3. A Notes page (Endnotes OR Footnotes - consult your teacher).
    • Endnotes on a separate page with the heading Notes.
    • Endnotes page shall include a page number.
  4. Bibliography OR Annotated Bibliography page shall include a page number with the heading Bibliography or Annotated Bibliography.

Specific tips

  • For website citations, disable the hyperlink option in Word by clicking on Tools>Auto correct>Auto format
  • Illustrations shall include a label that includes the title of the illustration and where it is housed or located.

Help Session Handouts

NoodleTools Handout

Google Docs Handouts

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What is the difference between the Note & Bibliographic citation format for a source?