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HMW9 - French Revolution: Start Here

Tips on Winning


  • Develop a strategy (game plan)
  • Timeline -- Understand the big picture.
  • Define key terms
  • Develop your plan of attack (witness order)


  • Who are you?
  • What do you represent (political, social, economic, religious...ideals)?
  • Where do you fit (historical event)?
  • Why are you important?
  • How does your character impact the trial?
  • Use a primary source as evidence provides direct or firsthand evidence about an event, object, person, or work of art. Primary sources include historical and legal documents, eyewitness accounts, statistical data, diaries/journals, and art objects.

Lawyers and Witnesses:

  • What are the key points ?
    • ​​Attack and Counter-attack questions.
  • Make every question an "impact question".


  • Checklist of innocence or guilt.
  • What are the key points?
  • Timeline -- Understand the big picture

 French Revolution Project - Nagao  &/or requires login

The Indictment of Louis XVI (December 11, 1792

Background Information

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Background Information (5Ws)