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U.S. History: Start Here

Research Tips

When you search a database or internet and do not get the results you expect, ask for help. The librarians are here to help you.

Historic Figures

Search Tips

Before you begin searching, think about and answer these key questions.  This will help develop search terms to find different types of sources  including books, periodicals, online databases, and Internet (Web) sources.

The person(s) that made a impact on the event?

What is the historic significance of the event? 

During what time period?

Which countries were involved?

What are the major ideas or themes (imperialism, nationalism, etc.)?

What groups/cultures are involved?

Types of support include examples, descriptions, expert testimony, statistics, and facts.

Background Information

If you are having trouble answering these questions, you need more background information about your topic.

Encyclopedias are helpful starting places for research:

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News Programs

Citing with EasyBib

Create APA, Chicago, or MLA citations. NEW users click here for link and EDU coupon code.