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'Iolani School Archives: Lesson- 'Iolani History, Culture & Place-based Learning

The ‘Iolani School Archives collects, organizes, preserves and provides access to historical records of ‘Iolani School.

Steps by the National Archives

Teaching with Primary Sources

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Lesson: 'Iolani History, Culture & Place-based Learning

2nd Grade Faculty!

As 'Iolani second graders develop into the historians they have the opportunity to visit the Archives to learn about the rich history and traditions of our school. This is a wonderful way to begin the year which will see them delving into family histories and sparking conversations about related major events. The Archives experience will introduce the students to new vocabulary, primary sources, improve visual literacy, and encourage inquiry with the added benefit of personal connection to history through shared place.
The following is primarily intended to compliment your existing leaching units.


Grade: 2


Location: 'Iolani School Archives / Adaptable for Distance Learning (see attachments below)


Introduction to the Space:

  • New vocabulary: Archives; Archivist. Students repeat the words aloud.
  • What is an archive? Space, house for history.
  • What is an archivist? Takes care of things from history.


"Meeting" Photographs:
The Archives features a wall of oversize photograph reproductions from throughout the history of the school on display.
The Archivist will lead a discussion based on observations of select photographs, including that of a second grade classroom in school year 1939/40.
Discussion points will include:

  • Say "hello photograph."
  • What looks the same as your classroom?
  • What are some differences from your classroom? This is a 2nd grade class from about 80 years ago. Do you know anything or anyone that is 80 years old?


Artifacts and Memorabilia Viewing:
Students will have the opportunity to see artifacts and memorabilia from the history of the school including: 1959 football; Seabiscuit horseshoe; scrapbooks, and more. Discussion points will also include

  • Roberta Caldwell: head of school in 1921, only female HOS (KMOI 1924)
  • Past school colors of blue and white.
  • Photograph of new LS buildings in 1964-1965
  • Photographs / video of the beginning of coeducation
    • news coverage videos
    • photos of first coed kindergarten class


Digital Versions for Distance Learning

Important Questions

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